Free Shipping On Orders Over $500


-Where do you ship to?

Within Canada only. No exceptions


-Where do you ship from?



-Will you provide a tracking number

Yes. As soon as your payment is accepted, you will receive an email with your tracking number.


-What if Canada Post loses my package?

All items are insured for up to $100 plus shipping. It is very unlikely that Canada Post will lose a package. The majority of lost packages are due to incorrect shipping addresses.


-Can my package be seized?

There is no risk of seizure; packages are shipped within Canada only, and do not go through customs.


-What are your shipping rates?

$20.00 for Canada Post Express.


-Can I get free shipping if I order a certain amount?

Yes, free shipping with Canada Post for orders worth over $400.


-What is the estimated shipping time?

Approximately 3 days.